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 “By the word of the Lord, the Heavens were made…”
– Psalm 33:6


Have you read about how beautiful and full of splendor heaven is? The jasper, gold, sapphire, crystal, etc? All these were created because God chose to speak.

In the beginning, God’s dream universe wasn’t made in the first day, but He kept speaking – day after day – until His desire was fully birthed.172081-bigthumbnail

Word are spirit; they are the raw materials for creating the natural. So many believers are suffering from this ignorance; they keep speaking the negative, hence that’s the only thing they see. There is unlimited power embedded in the spoken word; what is said is what determines what is seen.

Keep speaking it, it may not seem like it yet, but the testimonies are forming in the invisible realm. Bones are cleaving to bones, and flesh to flesh after the order of magiccentrEzekiel. Keep pressing with the word until your testimony is delivered.

You are on the winning side!!!

Enjoy Grace.

By Popoola Oluwatobi
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