“…in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”
– Romans 8:37

article-2152781-01138F2F000004B0-830_468x296Looking at the life of Samson, I observed that, every time the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, it was in response to attacks against him and pressures on him. (See Judges 14:6, 12-19; 15:14-15; 16:1-3; 16:2-30).

Samson’s innate power needed pressure for it to be released. Without those attacks and pressures, Samson probably would have never known the greatness that was resident in him. What was in him required external pressure to find expression in the natural.

manicmanFriend, I like you to also know that, whatever you are going through is designed to unlock the greatness in you. Often times, pressure is an important factor in releasing the strength that is resident in you. As a teenager, I was a very poor speaker. No one wanted me around because I couldn’t express myself and I seemed to have a special anointing to always utter conflict-causing words (LoL). The first time I stood before students to preach as a teenager, they laughed at me and I was sorely ridiculed and embarrassed. But today, I do it without flaws.

Understand that, *every believer is ordained to outlive every pressure, but it is what you do with the pressure that converts the ordained to the obtained.* A wise man once said, use the bricks life throws at you to build a fence.

No matter what you are going through, understand that the purpose is to release the dormant force in you. Be determined never to give in or give up. When you pass a gold through fire, it would seem like punishment, but in actuality, it is “polishment!” God doesn’t punish His children, He only polishes them!!

By Popoola Oluwatobi

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