“But those who wait for God will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run, and not be weary. They will walk, and not faint.”
– Isaiah 40:31waiting_for_rain_2_by_kerem_keskin

Okay? *Inserts confused smiley* Is it not a bit weird that the same verse that talked about waiting also talked about same people mounting up, running and walking?

God has got a very great sense of humor and He has reserved the unraveling of the deep things in His words to those who are willing to search out the word.

It is not weird at all and it wasn’t an error that the same verse that talked about people waiting (staying in a place) also talked about them making all sorts of progressive movements. The reason is because waiting in this context means praying!

woman praying silhoutteThere are times (if not every time) that there will be nothing you can do about your situation. Strategy will fail and intelligence will be disgraced, this time is the time to depend upon the key that can unlock any door. This key is prayer.

People will give you advice on what equation or formula they, through experience have observed to be the solution or the way to achieve success pertaining to certain subject but those formula that worked out for one person has proven not to work for another time and time again. However, it’s only through prayer, which is waiting on the God that has the answer to everything that you can actually attain the heights that your strength, your know-how, your status will ordinarily not attain. Haven’t you heard that those who know their God will do great exploit?

2011-12-07-northfacesanfranciscoI have been advised, I have been to seminars, I have applied rules;  while all these things are good, its when I got down – thorough – on my knees and seek God’s face (wait on God) that I have made progress. So are you ready to wait the wait of progress?

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