“You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day”
– Psalm 91:5

Why-do-you-need-to-Salt-and-Hash-passwords--The word of God takes away fear

Today, we continue with our counter attack weapons. The principles in the word of God is not suppose to be complicated, one reads, the Holy Spirit gives the Rhema in the word which produce power for manifestation.

A particular soap advertisement talks about 24 hours protection from germs be it in the day or at night. Oh well, Psalm 91:5 also talks about 24 hours protection but not only from germs but ANY device of the enemy.

Why does God’s word say you will not be afraid? Because one does not fear something that one does not perceive as having the potential to harm. Therefore being armed with this word takes away fear, whatever the form the fear comes in the day or in the night.

I have seen people wake up from sleep and get troubled with the dream they had, they begin to tell everyone who is willing to listen about the nightmare thereby exposing to the devil that which the devil has placed in their head while they sleep and giving him access to carry on with the next phase.

The only fear is that which reference God
The only fear is that which reference God

Being armed with the word of God in this Psalm is a guarantee that even when the devil paints ugly pictures in your dream and thoughts, it will not be able to harm you because the word says you will not be afraid. I encourage you to confront the devil today, whatever the picture he is painting that is appearing before you as real, repeat this word till it gets into your heart and let the Holy Spirit take it from there. You will not be afraid! Amen.

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Alex Amos

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