Hey peeps, in our spiritual walk (which selahonline is focused on), you will agree we need to also look at the “extremes” which Christ has delivered us from so that we can “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.” I have been studying about jealousy for a while now and I have decided to share one of my study materials with you. Hope you find it profitable. 🙂


“For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”
– James 3:16


Anger caused by jealousy is one of the first negative emotions mentioned in the Bible. Genesis 4 tells us that Cain killed his brother Abel because he was jealous to the point of being angry. Although this is one of the more extreme results of jealousy, it reminds us of how dangerous jealousy can be.

I once saw on TV, how a high school girl killed another pupil because she felt she was prettier and had it better than she did.

In today’s society many people feel their status is dependent on their job or position in the church. Because of this mindset, they’re afraid someone else may get promoted ahead of them. Jealousy causes them to try to be important in the eyes of man.
If you have this problem, understand that God has you where you are for a reason. He knows what’s in your future, and He may have you in training for it right now.

Don’t despise the days of small beginnings. Our rewards come from obeying the specific callings He’s placed on our lives, not from jealously trying to achieve things that you think will impress people. Don’t let jealousy grow in you. Trust God to place you where you need to be.

Culled from Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotion: Promises For Your Everyday Life. If you would like more information please visit www.joycemeyer.org

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