“What then? Shall we sin, because we are not under law, but under grace? May it never be!”
– Romans 6:15

man-with-dirty-handsYou have often heard it that life is hard, Let me tell you a fictitious story.

There was a boy who reared pigs for livelihood. Amongst these pigs was a spotted one. His spots were so beautiful the boy loved him dearly for it. Because of the love he had for the pig, he separated it from the others in the pen and kept it in a cleaner pen. He bathed the pig daily and dressed it up, he bought fancy leash and tie for it so he can walk around and show off his neat, spotted pig.

He had done this for a long period and thought by now, the pig should have learned the way his master wanted him to be but whenever, he unleashed the pig, it will go back into the old pen where the other pigs are kept and get dirty.

This enraged the boy who punished it, cleaned it up and separated him again thinking it had learned its lesson but as soon as he was unleashed again, he went back to the old pen and got all dirty again. The boy tried hard till one day, he got tired and left the pig in the old pen.

The pig relieved that he was finally free from the boy merrily enjoyed and had fun with the rest of the dirty pigs till a day came, a butcher came and bought him, the boy, without hesitation sold him off to be slaughtered.

holy-spirit-powerThis is how sin separates us from God, but unlike the boy, God never gives up on us. He has given us grace through Christ Jesus so that we are counted as saints from when we accept Christ. God is orderly, He will never meddle with your choice, this is why it’s always like we are being punished when we sin. The wages of sin is death, for every action, there is a reaction. God is not in heaven excited over keeping record of the next person who sin so he can punish him but it’s only natural that when you do something, good or bad, there is going to be a reward.

When we sin, most times it’s because we want to have our way instead of allowing God’s will to be fulfilled, so God who will not meddle with your choice simply step aside, and the years gone have taught me that you cannot survive on your own.

People say “life is hard.” Jesus said, He is the way, the truth and life, He came that we may have life and have it in abundance. My summation – “life [without Christ] is hard”.

You can decide to stop allowing your will manifest (going the way of the swine in our story) and invite God back into your life, it’s dangerous when God step aside.

(Please read Romans Chapter 6. God bless)

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