Best word that describes Ebele the Flutist is “futuristic.” Prior to her emergence on the gospel music scene, we honestly have seen nothing like her… Okay… except for when Mike Aremu brought up the contemporary Jazz into Gospel music… But really, which other female Gospel artiste plays the flute?

I fell in love with her sound the very first time I heard her song. Something about her voice that gives that soothiness Eva Edna Ogholi’s music used to give when back in the late 80s… add that to the fact that there is a lot of similarity in voice. Ebele is definitely going to leave her mark in the sand of time of the Nigerian Gospel music. I’d played “If You Don’t Know” close 10 times before pausing to think of the landmark Ebele’s music is covering, her sound is purely futuristic, purely legendary, purely spiritual, purely uplifting and inspirational and this are few amongst the conclusions I’d drawn. Yes, I am a fan of Ebele the Flutist’s music.

She grew up in Benin – Edo State, Niger Delta region of Nigeria where she was born and had her primary/secondary education. She moved to Enugu in the eastern region of Nigeria to study Accounting and then furthered her study in Business
Administration. She worked as an Accountant before following her passion which is music. She plays the flute and sings like a nightingale.

Her Musical genre she says is contemporary Gospel Jazz while her key influences are Mike Aremu, Phil Driscole (Trumpeter), Shirley Ceaser, Cece Winans.

As she celebrates her birthday today, I got upclose and personal with the “Oghama” crooner. The chitty chat was quite revealing (Laughs), you will find the way I quizzed her about her personal life considerably outrageous. Read what she has to say about her inspiration, her upcoming album and… Guess what she does when she wakes up? All in this exclusive interview.

Selah: Can you tell us about your background, education… what growing up was like for you?

Ebele: Like you know, my name is Ebele Ezeamakam popularly known as Ebele the Flutist. I am from Anambra State but I grew up in Benin. I read Accounting as my first degree and Business Administration as a second degree. Music started at the tender age of 15. It started as an hobby and later became a passion. Today it’s a career for me.

Selah: How did you come about playing the flute?

Ebele: I was motivated by a Philippine lady in my family church. I usually go for music classes and that was how it stuck. It has never left me since then. Now I am a vocalist as well as a flutist.

Selah: When did you decided to take it up as a ministry… What was the conviction that set you on the track?

Ebele: I have been working as an Accountant but the passion for music was too strong that I had to leave my job for it. This was 5 years ago. I was convinced enough and decided to take it has a profession.

Selah: Some people where born into the faith, others found Christ as they journey in life… Tell us how you met with Christ… Encourage someone with your experience.

Ebele: I was privileged to know Christ at a tender age but it was while growing up I made a decision to have a closer encounter with Him. God is my inspiration. Knowing Christ and getting close to Him made my vision clearer, and when I lost my mum, I found solace in Him and that was when I wrote my second track  “IF YOU DON’T KNOW.” Though my mum wasn’t there anymore but I was able to stand firm and find my purpose. I usually say, no matter the odds, you can realize your dreams.

Selah: Your single “Oghama” was it born out of a personal experience too?

Ebele: Yes, “OGHAMA” too is God given. its a song which means  “it will be well with us,” I was trusting God for something and He gave me the song as an answer.

Selah: When should we be expecting all your songs in an album?

Ebele: I’m trusting God for this year. Really, I tell my fans to be expectant because its one full album that will inspire all. It’s going to be a 10-track album.

Selah: What’s your take on gospel music ministers featuring secular artistes in their songs?

Ebele: hmm… I don’t know their vision behind it o, so I won’t really like to talk much about this, however I think we really need to stay in tune as Gospel artistes and not mix things up.

Selah: Where do you see your music in the next two years?

Ebele: wow… a mega star!

Selah: Are there any immediate future projects, singles, concert, awards and nominations, charity project, etc, that we should be aware of?

Ebele: well I have been nominated twice now in awards… but am trusting God for that award that will come without me being in competition with anybody… because God doesn’t want us to be in competition with each other. I don’t believe I have a rival.

My upcoming album launch is going to be the first concert I will be hosting and I have a project coming up in form of a talk show.

Selah: Give me a roundup of a regular day in your life from the moment you wake up?

Ebele: (Laughs) I plan my day ahead. I start with my daily devotional, then a little exercise. Breakfast is not regular for me and off I go with all I have planned for the day.

Selah: What do you do for leisure?

Ebele: I go to the gym, I love doing that… I hang out with friends but I’m very selective with my hanging out. I love sightseeing and I love to read alot.

Selah: Mostly, I will describe you as elegant but in your own words define your fashion style.

Ebele: Yeah, you are correct… I love to look good… that’s me.

Selah: For you, when does the fashion begin to pass the boundaries of moderacy?

Ebele: (Laughs) hmmm… unnecessary exposure!

Selah: There are a lot of believers seeing what you are doing and will love to be like you, give us tips on how to actualize the dream and vision.

Ebele: Well, like I said earlier, first of all ask God to show you His purpose for your life then pursue it. Believe you can and don’t let anyone talk you down. Don’t be master of all trade but be very good in that one thing that you are passionate about. When I started alot of people told me I wont make it in this country as a flutist that I should travel abroad but I knew God ask me to do this not people so I kept on.
Selah: Who are the gospel artistes you admire within and outside Nigeria?

Ebele: I admire a lot of artistes. Within Nigeria –Sinach for songs and Mike Aremu for instrumentation. Outside Nigeria, Shirley Ceaser, Cece Winans for songs and Phil Driscole for instrumentation.

Selah: Happy birthday to you! How do you plan to celebrate your day?

Ebele: Alot of goody goodies o! I plan to celebrate with my band, my loved ones and then with a special birthday gift from God (Laughs).

Selah: As you celebrate your birthday, what do you plan to start doing differently compare to the previous years?

Ebele: My band and I are moving forward, we are starting tours and we plan to be more more focus. We are also working towards the concert/album launch.

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