“So it was, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hurried and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”– 1 Samuel 17:48 [KJV]

Still within the borders of our just concluded series: “King Solomon’s Mines,” I want to write briefly on courage.

When I’m talking about courage, I am not talking about the kind of courage that will make you pick up a fight in the street or even go to war. I’m talking about the kind of courage that makes you face situations and challenges without losing face.

The man of Gath, Goliath who came to challenge the army of the Lord, we were told was a giant. Someone even took the time to give his full description in the chapter, measuring his shields, weapons and so on. He was fierce looking and was brutal enough to scare a well trained and experienced army. Isn’t that something?

Yet one little shepherd boy who had left his sheep in the care of someone to go and give food to his soldier brothers did not see all these physical attributes of this Philistine but instead saw the “bigness” of God and how insulting it is for a man to challenge God.

Note what he said; “who is this uncircumcised Philistine to Challenge the army of the living God?” He did not see him fit enough although everything on the outward – in the eyes of a man – proved otherwise.

Most times, this is how we face situation and challenges. We become so focus on the present circumstance and we lose sight of the “bigness” of God. For instance, we may feel unqualified for a job because our grade is lower than the other person in the room, we may feel we do not belong at a particular place maybe because other people there have better status than we do, also, we may see a trying period as the infinite and give up before we have a chance to win… And the likes.

The Bible says, those who know their God will be strong and do great exploit. It does not have to do with status, wealth or physical strenght. All you need is a vast knowledge of your maker which can only come by dwelling on the scripture.

In David’s mind, he already won the Philistine even before he stepped into the battlefield, else why will he tell Saul to take off all the armour he was given and went with the ordinary knowledge of the sling he possessed. Because he knew that his victory will come from God and not from the armoury.

Another exciting thing David did was to run to the Philistine as soon as the Philistine started approaching him. Seriously, this was a giant, one would have thought David would atleast take some few steps backwards before throwing his sling but no, he hurried towards the giant instead.

There was no fear in his heart, only courage because he already knew he had won. He knew there was no way a Philistine would getaway with insulting the army of God. Just like the challenge you are facing right now cannot overcome God but you have to make up your mind not to let it overcome you. With Davids ordinary weapon, he overcame the Philistine , in the same way, God has placed all the weapons you need around you, stop reaching out for what is beyond you and face the challenge as you are, trusting God to perfect the victory

– Written by Alex Amos

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Alex Amos


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