“Yet no one can really build a temple for God, because even all the vastness of heaven cannot contain him. How then can I build a temple that would be anything more than a place to burn incense to God?”
– 2 Chronicles 2:6 [GNT]

God hates pride and I strongly believe that success is not success if it does not please God. Therefore, until you master genuine humility, success may as well be short lived.

I see a lot of people who the world celebrates as successful, fail in humanitarian services, marriage and acknowledgement to God. It’s appalling how they are idolised and used as role models and I wonder if those who idolise them wants their failures too or are they just blinded by their popularity and material possessions? That is the case most times.

It’s a rat race, a case of the blind leading the blind… And it all began when they put themselves in the glory picture instead of God.

Solomon was the King of God’s nation, Israel. He just took over from a mighty man who was surrounded by exceptional soldiers. God Himself fortified Israel.

Solomon was going to build an edifice that has never been built before. He could have been caught up in the hype of the project, the fame, the wealth but instead Solomon said “who am I to build God a temple except burn sacrifices to Him?”

Someone said “may I never be too successful to ask ‘who is God?’ and may I never be a failure to question His sovereignty either.” I think it’s a good prayer and it is very foolish to think because you are wealthy, popular or influential, you equate that kind of success to God. Solomon said “even all the vastness of heaven cannot contain Him” yet we are just his creations, here on earth.

For a very successful man, Solomon showed serious humility and a right attitude towards material possessions which are vain. He took himself out of the equation and gave the glory of the temple to God.

Friend, you are building a temple for God as well, it may be in your ministry, your career, your family etc, but until you take yourself out of the equation and make your temple please God, you are not experiencing real success and it’s only a matter of time before it shows.

I pray that God will give you good success that pleases Him in every way in Jesus name – Amen.

– Written by Alex Amos

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