“King Solomon took a census of all the foreigners living in the land of Israel, similar to the census his father David had taken. There were 153,600 resident foreigners. He assigned 70,000 of them to transport materials and 80,000 to cut stones in the mountains, and appointed 3,600 supervisors to make sure the work was done.”
– 2 Chronicles 2:17-18 [GNT]

We said earlier in this series that Solomon may not have been a man of war but he was a man of vast wisdom.

One of the treasures (success principles) that we can find in King Solomon’s mines is organisation.

In 2 Chronicles 2:17-18, we find out that after Solomon took censors of the people and found out the number of them was 153, 600 foreigners, he assigned them to the work force accurately such that there was no wastage.

By accurately numbering the people and assigning them to the workforce accordingly, Solomon displayed good management and organisational skills.

Although, this wasn’t recorded in the bible, I’m sure Solomon’s action must have curbed the problem of destitute and homeless foreigners without jobs wondering all around Israel.

There is a lesson to be learnt here for business men, congressmen, in fact, for anyone who holds some form of office, either big or small.

Organisation helps put things in perspective. Organisation helps simplify situation ahead of time so one does not get to the middle of the road and face a crossroad without an idea of where to turn.

Solomon wanted to build a temple and he needed a workforce but not only was he able to put a workforce together, he was also able to curb idleness in Israel.

For anyone to succeed, organisation of time and resources is of the essence. The sole essence of being discipline is adhering to organisation. Anyone who will succeed, cannot do without these two. They go hand-in-hand.

– Written by Alex Amos

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Alex Amos

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