2 Chronicles 3:1-17

Because of the length of our text today and due to the fact that we cannot afford to leave any out, we will not be quoting the text in today’s message but I implore you to please, endeavour to read it.

King Solomon displayed excellence, accuracy and perfection in the measurement of the items used to beautify the temple. These are all necessary ingredients for success. People always say “strive for excellence” and I am of the opinion that the reason why they use the word “strive” is because, just like success, excellence is a journey. You keep advancing with each level of excellence one achieves.

Solomon displayed high level of accuracy in the measurement of the Cherubin’s wings… 20 cubits overall so that it is the same as the width of the temple. There is a need to be calculative in our pursuit, you cannot expect to go on a project without first taking a good projection of what you hope to achieve, otherwise your project may hit a dead end.

Jesus said, no one builds a house without first counting his cost, therefore, proper planning helps hit the target accurately. Write out your vision, make it plain so that he who sees it may run with it… Ain’t that what the bible said?

Now success only favours those that are exceptional. Solomon displayed high level of this in the way he creatively laid the gold, purple veil and crimsons on the wall, the Holy of Holies and so on. The temple could have been just another temple and may not have gone down in history if not for the creativity and aesthetics.

So if we are to make a list, we would say the essential tools required for success include:




    Creativity and Aesthetics

Of course, these can be further discuss but my role is to simplify the message without leaving out the crucial points.

– Written by Alex Amos

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