Rightly Wrong – By Alex Amos

Sometimes we are caught between 2 choices

Most times they both feel right

Tied up in such circumstance

It’s sometimes hard to know the will of God

Holy Spirit help us

Jesus have mercy


Today my heart is breaking

Jesus help me

How can I be so rightly wrong

My faith beckons

Commitments and family too

So many voices in my head

Its sometimes hard to know your opinion

This Christian race has got some bumpy terrain

But up to this end… I press on

Matured and strengthened… Sometimes childlike and weak

Pastor wants me to do this, faith wants me to do that

He is the servant of the God I serve

Obedience they say is better than sacrifice

If my bible does not say so

To whom then am I being loyal?

I’ve got to run my race… Lord let there be grace

Can your servants at times be wrongly right?

And when I am caught between two ‘rights’

It’s hard to tell when I am rightly wrong

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