What do you see?

What we see is what keeps us going. It is what you see that informs your decisions. Imagine if on your way, you stumbled on something you didn’t see. What would have been your reaction if you could see or were anticipating It? Will you have gone ahead blindly or will your vision have refrained you from going Further?

Where do you see yourself?

Your knowledge of your destination informs your paths and decisions. Setting out on a journey will require a knowledge of your destination and the requirements to get there.

Life is a journey. Where are you Headed? Where do you see Yourself?

What we see are functions of our visions, passions and the things we find burning in our hearts. It is our decision to go ahead letting these visions guide us or we can go ahead stumbling into blocks like blinded people.

Can you see though?

Do you see that it’s not all about You? That there is a scheme, a bigger one, that plays a huge role in your destination on earth. Do you see that your one little life can change so many lives and be the beginning of a revolution that will change the World? Don’t you see that you are important but you’ll remain ordinary if you keep walking about like you’re groping in the dark when your eyes are wide open?

Just look around and notice for once what is around you. Look inward and see that you have something to offer. Don’t let the world miss out on your shine and all that you have to offer.

I hope you see now…

…or atleast your eyes are wide open to begin to peruse the landscape around you.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” – Proverbs 23:7

– Written by Ibukun Awosika

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