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The Truth With Wilson Joel: Not All Songs Are Meant For The Church Alter


Due to the recent protest by the Christian community as a result of a certain secular artiste being invited to perform a not-so-worldly song in church. Prolific producer Wilson Joel took to the social media to pen down some thoughts. Read below:

Wilson JoelCan we really be honest!? Nigerians are super gullible! A so called “Celeb” says stuff and they take it at face value.

Let the truth be told, a secular artiste should sing in the secular whilst a gospel artist should sing Gospel! Twisting the scriptures to back your claim doesn’t make it holy or sane! This is why there is confusion in the world! Stay in your lane and there will be no need for all the raised eye brows!

Have you ever heard GRAMMY Awards kick off by “The Lord’s Prayer”!? I really need an answer! Call a spade a spade, I’m in no way judging but just being unbiased and plain truthful!

The people who invited the secular artiste to their church will never use that money in making the lives of their own Gospel artiste better nor will they accord such Glamour and Honour to their own!!! Insult me all you want but that’s the honest truth!!! Charity [literally] begins at home!! Perhaps, if your own people be fooled, they just might shun the sight of that scenario but if even your own people frown at it, it tells me something is terribly wrong pal!

The people who invited the secular artiste to their church will never use that money in making the lives of their own Gospel artiste better

– Wilson Joel

Stick to the plan! Can anyone serve 2 masters!??? Oh! Don’t judge me, the church is for activities that glorifies JESUS! And that someone sings a song and incorporates GOD or JESUS into it doesn’t make it a GOSPEL song, at least not for your church alter! Appreciate it at all means and move on as you build God a pure alter!!!

In other news, I pray the 3 kids abducted by that evil maid be found! In Jesus Name I PRAY. #AMEN

– Written by Wilson Joel

Vox Pop

Attending church is very different from ministering on church altar! All may come come to church and worship but I’m not sure I can say the same for ministering on the altar. Now, that’s not to condemn the guy or the one who invited him to minister. Truth is, these men of God hear from God on what to do and how to do them. We were not there when God called them and we do not what He asked them to do. Therefore, I’d rather trust that every man of God acts in agreement with the Spirit of God. If otherwise, the pastor is answerable to the Lord who called him. For all you know, I who am privileged to minister on numerous altars may be no better than the guy in question, IF HE IS BORN AGAIN.
Love still.” Buchi (Reggae Gospel Artiste)

The problem starts with the “they vs us” talk. If Jesus were alive today, I get the feeling he would’ve gotten chastised by oh-so holy folk today. Oh yeah and scriptural reference: “Give unto Caesar”? You realize that’s a very ‘secular’ comment devised by Roman taxpayers to force Christians into tax paying back in the day right? Just saying, not pointing fingers. #Das all…” – Lolo (Artiste)

About Wilson Joel

Born, raised & bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Headed for the study of medicine, he realized that music is his passion so the journey started way back in the 90’s starting out as a studio apprentice and later an intern with another fast rising studio in Lagos around 2001-2002.

He relocated to South Africa where the career then received more light and found expression. Wilson Joel has since become a force to reckon with in Africa, Asia and Europe

His production skills are highly sorted after by clients around the world. Wilson Jadore Joel has worked with many personalities in the music industry and corporate organisations both home and abroad including Wanda Baloyi (SA), MXO (SA), Lili Feng (China), Chevelle Franklyn (Jamaica), Oby M(UK), Abby Godwin (UK), Lite (Canada), Judith Sephuma (SA), Lulu (SA), Ade Bantu (Germany), Funmi (Sweden), C-Sharp (SA), Kiku (SA), Assent Tweed (SA), Kenny K’ore (Nigeria), ID Cabasa (Nigeria), Sinach (Nigeria) And Many More In Africa,Europe,Asia and more. Wilson has shared stage with the some prominent artiste around the world Including Bob james, Abraham Laboriel, Donnie McClurkin, Chevelle Franklyn, Sadao Watanabe, Micah Stampley, Mike Aremu, Sammie Okposo, Judith Sephuma, Kunle Ayo and many more.


What is your take on the issue? Is it right to let secular artiste sing on the church alter? Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section below:


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