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Historic Underground Church Discovered In Turkey’s Cappadocia Region

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An historic underground church dating back to 5th century AD has been escavated in the Cappadocia region of Central Anatolia in Turkey. The church has frescoes that dates back to the 12th or 13th century.

Bigger than most historic Cappadocia churches, the rock-carved church was reportedly uncovered during excavations and cleaning work in an underground city as part of the Nevşehir Castle Urban Transformation Project.

The ancient church was found in a massive underground city that archeologists discovered in March 2015, according to the National Geographic.

underground church frescoes 2

Experts are saying the frescoes inside could change the history of Orthodoxy. Archaeologist Ali Aydın, who is part of the work in the underground city where the church was discovered said “only a few of the paintings have been revealed. Others will emerge when the earth is removed. There are important paintings in the front part of the church showing the crucifixion of Jesus and his ascension to heaven. There are also frescoes showing the apostles, the saints and other prophets Moses and Elyesa,” he also said that they had also found the real entrance of the church used in the past but are yet to expose it.



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