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“I Am Quitting Music” – Kenyan Gospel Artiste Ringtone Makes Shocking Announcement


ringtoneKenyan Gospel artiste Ringtone kicked off the year with a surprising announcement saying he is quitting music after 3 years of the adventurous journey.

“Its been a long journey of success from nothing to the top. I have enjoyed every moment of my career and now finally I have decided to quit the music. Thank you all those who supported me. Thnk you for the moments.” Ringtone said

Ringtone further said he will be releasing his final single soon and then call it off with music. Although Ringtone was emphatic in his post on Instagram where he made the announcement, the posts that followed has revealed his skepticism. He asked in a post “Should I quit music for good?” and followed  up with another that said “Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough…”

While it is obvious that the Kenyan Gospel act is still in the process of making his decision he further said that a top Government official in Kenya has invited him for a chat on why he is wants to quit music.

Ringtone was part of the featured artistes for the Gosporella Family Funfair in 2014 & 2015 alongside Henrisoul, Nikki Laoye, Provabs and more. His story to fame is that of rise from rags to riches as he had to endure many life’s difficulties including sleeping in the streets with no parents before God came through for him.

Whether Ringtone will quit or not, only time can reveal… We wish him the very best in whatever decision he makes.

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