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Truth With Wilson Joel: Understanding Contract In Music Business (Part.2)

truth with wilson joel

♠♠♠ The Truth with Wilson Joel – Understanding Contract in Music Business
wilson joelIn my close to a decade living in South Africa, I had the golden privilege of first hand information needed to sign artists, what the labels responsibilities/expectations are & what the artist responbilities/expectations are… I worked closely on various project with ‪Universal_Music‬ & the then South African territory Head. These information; I won’t dispense all but some are safe to dispense. So here we go…

Lots of folks come to me and ask that I sign them up. Most are simply sentimental in their hopes, whilst very few are serious minded….But there’s always an issue “CONTRACT” . . .

Any deal done without a contract is :
(1) Shady
(2) Short lived and eventually leads to
(3) Chaos!

A sign up contract is a DEAL not
a HELP! No business man does this
as HELP but rather “What’s in it
for me” kinda situation….

A sign up contract involves two parties looking to make one thing only “GAINS”…. So for you to be qualified here are few things you must have :
(1) Teamwork Spirit
(2) Knowledge of Business
(3) Honest intentions to deal with honesty
(4) Talent! You must really be talented. No one spends money on “Jay”!
(5) Ability to update yourself.

In its true essence, a recording deal is like applying for a mortgage to buy a ready made house. That bank giving you the loans have already added every penny that will favor them for the length of their graced period. And if you don’t pay back , repossession like court injunction to defaulting artist and more will definitely be the next resolve.

I’ve personally turned down a few deal request so as to not affect my relationship with such fellow. I would rather benevolently assist such in doing or two things than start a future feud.

So next time you want a deal, it’s a BUSINESS not a HELP.

If the proprietor don’t make his money back with interest, the artiste is going nowhere. So until then, go find yourself some money and record yourself so you can be tagged ‪#‎IndieArtist‬ and you can still get somewhere. If you get this, you’ll have saved yourself from a whole lot headache. I hope I helped?

Feel free to share and for questions and more you can reach‪#‎MusicMagnate‬ on info@doxologymusic.net and follow him on instagram @musicmagnate twitter @wilsonjoel

About Wilson Joel

Wilson Joel is a music producer spanning over 15 years of musicianship history. Produced for Universal Music Group, South Africa & Music Producer/Head Honcho at Recording hub Doxology Music. He is also a Steinberg Media artist relationship endorsed music producer (1st in Nigeria, West Africa).

His many notable works include but not limited to “Miracle Worker” by Glowreeyah, “Alagbara”by Onos and lots more. He also recently scored music and did audio forensics for “Just Not Married” movie by movie producer Judith Audu.


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