Home News & Events Israel Houghton Proposes To Adrienne Bailon Following Europe Trip

Israel Houghton Proposes To Adrienne Bailon Following Europe Trip

Israel Houghton Proposes To Adrienne Bailon

Israel-Houghton-and-Adrienne-Bailon-Europe-Vacation_proposal_ringIsrael Houghton Proposes To Adrienne Bailon

Gospel singer Israel Houghton has proposed to The Real co-host/singer Adrienne Bailon after a trip. This comes on the tail of his refuting claims that she broke his marriage.

The couple had confirmed their relationship earlier this year, after photos emerged of them on vacation and following their Europe trip, Houghton proposed to her.


Israel Houghton said;

“I have seen and felt the essence of Gods grace through the life, the kindness and the courage of this woman. I’ve seen her attacked, lied about, wrongfully accused, mocked, laughed at, and misunderstood. But, I’ve also seen the shining example of the eagle she is that rises above the cacophony of the noise of ignorants- I’m learning from her example. She loves Jesus. She loves her family. She loves people. Even the ones that don’t love her back. I pray God give me that same grace in my life. I’ve taken a giant leap of faith in asking her to share life with me forever and to give me a shot at getting it right this time… She has graciously granted my request… She said yes. Thanks Be To God. Thank you @adriennebailon for graciously loving me.”

Before the proposal in Paris, they had stopped over at places included Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, where he penned captions about caring less what others think and living his life.


Israel Houghton Proposes To Adrienne Bailon


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