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Selah’s Journal: Run Heavenly Race & Not Race To Anyone’s Heart | By Ada


Dearest! Anyone who consistently discredits you, questions your God given gifts and abilities should not be around you at all! Run as far away as you can from them! Let your heels touch the back of your head!

They have questioned your life’s purpose and by doing that have questioned Gods choice of you… you need to realize that these people are nothing but poison and destroyers and can be a hindrance to the flow and move of God as long as you remain in fellowship or company of them.

Anyone who bears such tales plants strife and unhealthy competition because they set themselves up and their cohorts into trying to outdo you just to prove to you that they’re better than you… even when you’re quietly on your lane doing what God has laid in your heart… Sad! Let go… be free of such, you deserve better please!

Why don’t you surround yourself with Godly people who inspire you and encourage you to be more? Who push you to outdo your past and breed love, joy and Godly sanity around you?

My dearest, run the heavenly race not a race to anyone’s heart… You’re much more than the opinion of any man! Even God himself gave you the gift of choice and has asked you, “How far Can You See” And if God himself says you are good enough then YOU ARE!


About the Author

Ada is FreeNation flagship artiste. She is an Urban Gospel singer with hit singles including “Only You Jesus”, “iTestify”, “Jesus” & more. Ada recently released the video for the single “I Overcame” off her forthcoming album. The video is said to be the best Gospel music video so far this year.


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