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Actress Roma Downey Highlights God’s Love In New Book “Box Of Butterflies”


Emmy nominated actress and producer from Northern Ireland, Roma Downey announced the release of her new book  “Box of Butterflies” while also citing that  it will serve as a reminder that God’s love changes people from the inside out.

“When you look around you can see the blessing in everything,” the 57 years old actress/producer said during an interview. “The butterfly is a gentle reminder of how God’s love can change us from the inside out,”

Talking about her new book to Christian Post, she illustrated:

“One day a caterpillar and the next day a butterfly! It’s an encouraging symbol of hope for all of us. We are reminded that no matter how difficult the challenges are that we have to face, God is with us and our faith can give us wings to fly.”.

she also alighted the central theme of the book which gives credence to God.

“This book’s central theme is that there is a God, He loves you, and He wants to be part of your life. Each chapter features the love and light of God through life topics such as courage, loss, gratitude, love, and kindness. The subtle butterfly theme reminds us that the grace, beauty, and surprise of God’s love and kindness is sometimes reflected in the gentle whispers of His creation,”

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