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#SelahView: Joepraize Calls For World Peace With “Jesus Everywhere”

Jesus Everywhere, Joepraize - Jesus Everywhere

Review: Joepraize – Jesus Everywhere

Jesus EverywhereThe recent releases by Gospel music minister Joepraize has been peculiar, especially “Miracle Papa” and the wave making “Unchangeable” but “Jesus Everywhere” takes it to whole new height in peculiarity!

The new single is a universal sound that infuses Southern African baseline and kicks, Eastern African rhythm guitar, Western African High Life horns and many more infusions. Such music are categorized under World Music… What better way to interpret a song that is aptly titled “Jesus Everywhere”?

The song carries such a festive tone and mood, you will be captivated by the beautiful piece, putting pep in your step, bopping or wiggling even before the first verse! The call and response in the celebrative chants of “oh  oh oh” and “aye aye aye” add colours to the festivity.

The song is Joepraize’s celebration of Jesus Christ. One may be force to think the well traveled minister has seen the manifestation and wonders of Jesus as He shows up in dynamic ways, in all the parts of the world he has been to and therefore reached the epiphany that became the song of celebration – “Jesus Everywhere”.

There is an underlying theme of world peace in the single. As Joe celebrates Jesus in every place, he posits:

“Everyone is talking about my Jesus… 

“I see musician… playing for my Jesus

“I see the people… dancing for my Jesus

“Jesus in every place, Jesus in every house

“I see there is jubilation, celebration everywhere”

This depicts that there is peace, happiness, unity in all the places Jesus is manifesting, therefore the peace that the world seek can only be found in Jesus Christ as we allow Him to manifest Himself in every place.

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