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Upclose: “I Wanted To Record Another Song Not ‘LORD TODAY'” – Toluwanimee


No one can gainsay the fact that Toluwanimee is a plus to the Mindustry in artistry and spiritual wise. Take a trip back – not so long ago and reflect on the impact her music has had on the Mindustry, you will come to the conclusion that she has become an intricate part of the events that shape the year as far as Gospel music is concerned.

No other time has this fact been more evident than in this year. If her approach had been somewhat mild till now, she threw that caution to the wind.

Having announced one of the most unusual title for a contemporary worship song, Toluwanimee back the big talk up with a big sound employing the expertise of Willz Ukaegbu. As indomitable as the aesthetics stood, the revelation was larger!

Alex Amos of SelahAfrik in a chat with Toluwanimee, unravels the mystery that makes “Lord Today” one of the biggest songs in this year so far.

SelahAfrik: How pleased are you with the reception of the new single “Lord Today”?

Toluwanimee: I am humbled, elated, motivated to do more by the reception and response of the release of “Lord Today”

SelahAfrik: Do you agree that “Lord Today” is one of the biggest songs – if not the biggest song – so far this year. Why do you think this is?

Toluwanimee: I totally agree it is, I am so small compared to what God intends to do with that song if we would let him. The testimonies that have come in are humbling , the reception amazing . It has reached a pinch of where heaven is taking it to yet the depth and impact is so real.

SelahAfrik: What’s the greatest lesson the release of “Lord Today” has taught you?

Toluwanimee: The greatest lesson I have learnt  is flow with God, don’t be rigid. Listen to the spirit of God. I never went to Willz to record “Lord today”, but while we were recording he said to me he feels I have another song, He described it: ‘Its four lines there about, and it’s a song that is everyone’s prayer.” I told him I knew the song and that’s how we change our whole recording and meeting.

SelahAfrik: Towards the end of the song… You ad-lib: ‘Doctor said 6 months but I know you are able.’ Is that from an experience?

Toluwanimee: No Not a personal experience, but I was led to say that and I strongly believe that word is for someone. It came from a deep place

SelahAfrik: Do you think you will still be releasing any other single before “Go Deeper” album?

Toluwanimee: We are so close to the stipulated release of “Go Deeper” album but I feel strongly there is one more release to go.

Listen to “Lord Today” by Toluwanimee below:




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