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Upclose: Yadah Is A Bloody Nigerian As Forthcoming EP Reveals! Unveils A-List Collaborations


She debuted in 2017 but quickly became one of the favourites! Fast rising Abuja based Gospel singer Agaga “Yadah” Praise Kukeurim has surely earn some stripes. Coming out with the single “Goodie Goodie” produced by TKlex, her sonorous high octave stood her out as one to watch out for, so does her strong her appeal… just like she said in one of her singles, “I am Confident.” She followed up with “You Fell For Me” and more recently “Nailed”.

Having successively dished out amazing works, Yadah is finally ready to deliver a body of work titled “The Blood Covenant”. According to Yadah, her heavenly citizenship earns her superior privileges, although she is a Nigerian. In this chat with Alex Amos of SelahAfrik, she lets us in on this scoop and much more.

SelahAfrik: Who is Yadah?

Yadah: I am Agaga Praise Kukeurim, stage named Yadah – which is one of the Hebrew words for “praise”. I studied Economics Education at Nasarawa state University, Keffi. I have great love for music, fashion and education. I am from Cross River state, Nigeria. I am a singer, song writer, tailor, teacher and a believer in Christ.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your advent into music… When did music happen for you?

Yadah: Being a pastor’s child, I had always been in choir. In 2014 however, “The Minstrel” audition caught my fancy and I gave it a trial. I was nothing near the winner (laughs). But it sparked a fire that gave birth to a singer and song writer. In 2017 however I recorded and released “Goodie Goodie”. This was my first official appearance on the music scene. Besides this… Who didn’t envy Destined Kids as a child?

SelahAfrik: You have released some wonderful singles in recent times… Tell us about them.. How was the production experience?

Yadah: 4 songs precisely… I’ll say the production experience has been beautiful, except you hear the side of the producers of “Goodie Goodie” and “I’m Confident” respectively… I was shy, unsure, scared, emotional… But they’ve all been awesome and very patient people. I am ever excited about the experience with every producer I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

SelahAfrik: With these singles out now… What’s in the near future for Yadah? Tell us about your upcoming project

Yadah: I’m releasing an EP titled “The Blood Covenant” in approximately 3 months. We have Chris Morgan and Prospa Ochimana on the project. It’s something massive coming. Stay expectant.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your biggest experience yet as a Gospel artiste

Yadah: Sincerely, the 2 features on the EP gives me too much joy. Besides that, releasing the song “Nailed” feels biggest. I mean… That was the gospel, no stories, I felt so much peace.

SelahAfrik: What are the challenges you have had to surmount so far? How have you been able to surmount them?

Yadah: Financial challenges, needless to say. Well, I am supplied of every need, glory to God. Also, official challenges… A lot of people wouldn’t like to go through an artiste’s management, they don’t care if you can handle anything or not, when they want you, you should appear. It’s crazy sometimes considering that I do so many things.

SelahAfrik: What’s your most embarrassing moment yet as an artiste?

Yadah: I lost my voice sometime ago during a major program. It was so terrible.

Seeing that you are keen on fashion, what’s your take on fashion and modesty as a Gospel Artiste?

Yadah: Yes… seeing that I am a fashion designer, I am keen on fashion but about modesty, we represent the Gospel, nothing should distract our followers. I am to lead them to Christ. My clothes shouldn’t lead them elsewhere (laughs).

SelahAfrik: What are the 3 items you can’t leave home without?

Yadah: My phone, a diary and amazingly, a measuring tape.

SelahAfrik: Any shout-out?

Yadah: Yes! (exclaims). Shout out to my manager Nony Daniel (of SonsHub). Your efforts speak volume. Donsam Productions, you make music beautiful. My parents and siblings, thank you for being my family. My friends and listeners, you’re priceless… and major shout out to everyone laboring in word and prayer. I love you.

Listen to “Nailed” by Yadah


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  1. This EP is something I’m patiently waiting for and with the A-list artists featured I don’t know which I’ll play first when it’s released.
    Bloody Nigerian

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