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#SelahMusic: Alade De Saint | Owo Agbara Olorun (Mighty Hands Of God) | @Gbolajobi





Alade De Saint has yet released another powerful master piece tittles “Owo Agbara Olorun” which means (Mighty Hands Of God) after the release of his last single “Oloruko Nla”. The song which revealing how Powerful and mighty His Hands can saves human from all tribulations if you call on him.

“Owo Agbara Olorun”  which means Mighty hand of God is a song given to liberate your life, believe me when God speaks, He is actually speaking to someone, I have written many songs but this one was directly given in a unique way, it’s a prayer points,

Produced by Matto

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Horpeoluwar Desalu

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