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“God Wants You Not Your Money” – Kirk Franklin Tweets

Kirk Franklin Tweets

– Kirk Franklin tweets about God and moneyAmerican Gospel singer Kirk Franklin tweeted yesterday that God is more interested in the person than he is interested in the money such a one brings to him.

Kirk Franklin did not elaborate on his tweet but simply left the tweet to speak for itself.

Many who read the tweet has given their own interpretation to the Award winning Gospel singer’s tweet.

Many Twitter users in Nigeria who replied to the tweet related Kirk’s post to the current topical issues in the country where prosperous pastors are concerned.

A certain Odeh Matthew, with the handle @matittech said:

“Come and tell this to the preachers in my country, they won’t preach a sermon without mentioning money”

“Word! This table he is shaking, 95 percent of Nigerian pastors are on it. Smh,” said @iamdapohigs.

While many are of this view, others believe Kirk’s post is just another attack on preachers. Godswill Charles with the handle @Akpcharles, while replying Kirk’s tweet said the attacks on preachers is needless and it stinks.

“You need money to produce gospel music of quality, a preacher needs money to do what he doesn’t without making it about money in any way! Needless attacking of preachers…it’s stinks.” 



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