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Photos: Much Ado About Pastor Chris Okafor & The New Private Jet!

Pastor Chris Okafor

A source has insisted that the General Overseer of the Mountain of Miracles and Liberation Ministries, Pastor Chris Okafor has acquired a private jet.

Remember that few years back, the news broke out that the man of God has purchased a private jet but a trusted ally of the church described it as a “rudderless rumour.”

Posting recent pictures online, another source, who would not like to be named insisted the man of God has actually acquired a new jet – and that, only recently.

Pastor Chris Okafor

The man of God known for the precision in the prophetic has neither confirmed nor debunk the new development but he may have chartered, been borrowed or actually bought one – the pictures only shows the man of God in a private jet, it didn’t verify the owner.

Update later confirmed the obvious that  the private jet with registration number 5N-EXJ was chartered and it actually belongs to Execujet Nigeria.  Tt has been used by other Nigerian pastors and celebrities in the past.

But what if Pastor Chris Okafor actually bought one? What rule says it is forbidden and why does the society makes it seem as if a pastor has committed a crime by owning a jet?

Pastor Chris Okafor is one of the most traveled pastors in Nigeria with an itinerary of close to 200 international locations yearly for his worldwide prophetic crusades known as Chris Okafor World Outreach, therefore, if it’s a private jet that gets the job done, so be it! Having said that, the man of God does not own one… yet!

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