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3 Things To Note About Kanye West’s Ministration In Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church


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Thousands waited outside to pack the house at Joel Osteen‘s Lakewood Church on Sunday, as Kanye West ministered his Sunday Service. As a result, the service began 40mins late.

Aside from performing classics like “Jesus Walks” and songs from his ninth studio album, “Jesus Is King,” West also performed gospel remixes to classic R&B ballads. Two notable songs West’s choir remixed were SWV’sWeak and Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name,” which was changed to “Call His Name.”
West also gave a shoutout to Rodney Reed, a Texas inmate facing death row whose execution was blocked Friday.

Fox News Jonathan Morris identify similarities between Kanye West and Joel Osteen after the visit and here are the points he posited:

Time will tell whether West will remain committed to his new set of priorities where “every millisecond of my time will be in the service of God,” as he told me on Sunday afternoon.

1. Both Joel Osteen and Kanye West wasn’t afraid of tough questions. I asked him how his wife, Kim Kardashian West is adjusting to his new life choices. He looked over to her as she stood by his side, as if to say, “Well, here she is, so that’s pretty good.” He went on to give a nuanced explanation of how they are getting used to these new dynamics at play in their marriage.

He admitted that he might be a little hard to deal with since he still has the “glow” and energy of a new convert.

2. Jonathan Morris is of the view that many Christians and theologians will criticize West’s choice of Osteen as his debut into the big world of American evangelicalism.

Osteen has a huge following but has been critiqued mightily for being a proponent of “Christianity Lite,” focusing only on those parts of the Gospel that make us feel good and leaving out the more difficult teachings of Jesus.

Both Osteen and West addressed this legitimate criticism during their question and answer session at the 11:00 am service at Lakewood Church. They proposed that their focus on God’s goodness and love and God’s desire for us to prosper and flourish is nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Both West & Osteen believe God has always preferred to work through imperfect messengers, and they believe that they fit that description.

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