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Spotlight On Rics Gomina – Multi-Talented Nigerian Gospel Singer, Producer & Instrumentalist


Rics Gomina is a multi-talented Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, entrepreneur and recording artist. Rics Gomina is also the convener of Cam Worship (an online series of pure worship) and he is the Co-CEO of Rics Music production and SB Frequency events.

Rics Gomina Background:
Emmanuel Adinoyi Ricardo Gomina was born on the 30th of April 1982, in Jos, Nigeria, as the first child among the three children of the Reverend Dr David & Mrs Elizabeth Gomina. He passed through ECWA Nursery and Primary school Ilorin after which, he proceeded to the Bishop Delisle College, Lokoja for his secondary education. Afterwards, he proceeded to Kogi state polytechnic, Osara Campus for his A Levels. He then went for his Bsc in Sociology at the Kogi State University, Ayingba. He is married to Adedunke Gomina (Co- CEO SB frequency events & Rics Music Production) and is blessed with three lovely children.

Rics Gomina Career:
He was born into a Pastoral home and his mum who was also a choir member took him for rehearsals. This exposed him to musical instruments and music in general.  His music Career started at age 7 where he always played the conga drums for his church. In 1997 He started directing his secondary school choir after which he continued in his church’s youth choir and  in 2003, he was made the Music Director of his polytechnic choir (A levels) and since then he has directed several other music groups, bands, choirs among which is the Youth choir of Dunamis Int’l Gospel Centre,  Abuja.

Rics Gomina is a music producer who plays various musical instruments including the guitar, keyboard, drums etc. Thus far, he has released over 15 songs, like Only You, Won’t You, Baba kan, ThanksLiving jazz, OGO, Adedunke etc.

He is also skilled in video directing, video editing, social media expertise and fashion designing.

His latest release ‘WONT YOU’ is a song encouraging everyone to praise God even in the darkest situation. He stresses the importance of praise in the face of crisis and sovereignty of God over every situation, in the song.


Connect with Rics Gomina on social media:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram: @ricsgomina

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