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Music Repartee With Alex: Importance Of Gen-Z Apps To Post-Release Promotion

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Music Repartee With Alex: Exploring the use of Tik Tok & Triller for music promo

I have always advocated for a post release campaign. In 2017, I wrote the article: “Music Repartee With Alex: When The Song Stops – What Next After A Release?” In this article, I focused on engagement tools for post release campaign stating that it is not ultimately possible to stop the expiration of a musical released work on social media. This is by normal standard but their are exceptions. Nevertheless, you can maximize the elasticity of the released work such that it becomes viral before its expiry, with a post release campaign.

I stated few methods that can aid an effective post-release campaign, therefore, we will not be spending time discussing that on this article, but due to the fact that times have changed and there has been more developments in the presentation of materials on social media, opportunities for music promotion have stirred us in the face with the advent of Gen-Z apps, and we had better begin to adapt so we can maximize the post release phase, for a chance of becoming viral and stretch the elastic limit of a musical release till it is sensational.

A new development in social media are the choreography/lip syncing apps that enable users create videos either mimicking, creating funny content or simply choreographing a portion of musical content. These apps are created for more than the stated purpose but artistes have found it useful for promoting their musical contents… going as far using social media challenges to jump-start their career.

We will be focusing on 2 of those Gen-Z apps – TikTok and Triller – in this article.

I choose TikTok and Triller for the purpose of this article because after the release of a song, the next thought on the critically thinking artiste’s mind is how to sustain the effort. TikTok and Triller becomes an easy solution to the question posed… add to the fact that it has already built a community so that you are not creating content vaguely but you are putting them in the face of a ready community.

TikTok which merged with the app Musical.ly in 2018 had a total of 26.5 million monthly active users in the U.S alone, just in the following year. Triller had the same number of monthly active users in the U.S by December of 2019.

American Trap music artiste Lil Nas jumped-started his career thanks to TikTok app. Lil Nas who had experience with creating viral content as a tweetdecker uploaded his music “Old Town Road” to TikTok by himself. He promoted the song as a meme for a month, then, in one of such memes that spread, people drank “yee yee juice” and transformed into cowboys. This particular one caught on and became viral.

See an example below:

@the.mjgm♬ Old Town Road – Lil Nas X


“Old Town Road” was quickly propelled to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also on Billboard’s country chart before it was, controversially, pulled off. TikTok, owned by China-based ByteDance, also took note of Lil Nas success and invited him over to their office and released an accompanying press release highlighting his visit. The press release also portrayed how music makers can find success with the app, portraying Lil Nas’ story.

Another example is the recent success of Nigerian rapper/singer Ladipoe‘s new single titled “Know You,” featuring Simi. The now viral meme have couples, or people acting as couples, having a conversation with the lyrics of the song. See example below:

@mira__lamboI’m literally obsessed with this song❤️❤️ ##knowyouchallange ##duet ##fyp ##foryoupage ##viral ##song ##singing ##simi @symplysimi @ladipoe.live♬ Know You – Ladipoe

A Gospel artiste’s song that seem to be catching on is EeZee Conceptz artiste, Judikay‘s “Capable God.” As users make videos and memes off the lyrics of the song, the search for “Capable God” has skyrocket on Google. The song is however off the “Man of Galilee” album.

Gospelhypers had taken a portion of a clip uploaded by Judikay on Instagram where she mimicked the lyrics of the song. The video went viral on TikTok with users from all works of life creating different versions. See example:

@kaynkosiHe is a capable God 🙏 Judi done did the things in this song ##cablegod ##jesus ##teamjesus ##godlovesyou ##likemyvideo ##judikay♬ original sound – gospelhypers

The major difference between Triller and TikTok is the fact that users can stream full-length songs. This in turn affects the artiste statistics on streams. This is because Apple and Triller has entered into a partnership that directly affect the statistics of the artiste as his/her song is being streamed on Triller.

The user can save these songs to their own playlists, and access Triller playlists. This has the potential to create a social ecosystem revolved around music, where user-generated videos actually have a direct impact on streams… Major for any artiste!

This is a plus for any artiste because while you are out there on Triller creating content, it directly affects your pocket positively!

While TikTok gives the user the chance to edit their content, Triller uses a brilliant algorithm that edits multiple takes into one, automatically. In this respect, the app does a great job that makes your video look like they were taken and edited by professionals. You don’t have to worry about anything other than recording yourself… and post something similar to a music video. Little wonder most artistes use this app for their music promotion.

Although Triller is yet to launch any artiste’s career just like TikTok did for Lil Nas, It has helped spell success for 20-year-old Chicago rapper Calboy. The rapper got a boost in both 2018 and into 2019 after his hit song, “Envy Me,” became the subject of the #EnvyMeChallenge. With the buzz created from all the Triller videos and its streaming success, “Envy Me” landed on Billboard Hot 100 chart, officially giving the rapper his first-charting single.

According to Josh Vinny; #EnvyMeChallenge helped Calboy “reach over 230 million streams on Spotify (his next most streamed track has just over 16 million). The track has 61.3K videos made using it on Triller and 21.2M views. While most of TikTok’s campaigns dwarf these numbers, the Triller videos, perhaps, represent a more significant metric, since a user can stream the song straight from Triller. Triller allows artists and publishers to receive full stream credit when a video goes viral, with streams counted directly on Triller.”

How To Get Your Music To Go Viral

1: Upload a video with the clip of that track that you want to use.

2: Name your sound so it’s easy for others to find

3: Create a challenge

4. Use hashtags

5. Duet with/or engage influencers

6. Acquaint other social media platforms




Written by Alex Amos. 

Please obtain permit before reproducing article. Copying this article without proper permission is prohibited.
Alex Amos

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