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Two Airplanes Collide At Murtala Mohammed International Airport

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Two airplanes collide at Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos

There has been a collision involving Middle East Airline and a Turkish plane at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos and the Accident Investigation Bureau says it will look into it.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when the Airbus A330-243 operated by the Middle East Airline ran into the Turkish cargo aircraft with registration marks TC-LJC parked at the airport.

The AIB said in a statement by the general manager, public affairs, Tunji Oketumbi, on Thursday that the incident was “serious” and that a formal report would be issued once the investigation was completed.


The statement was titled, “Press release on Turkish Airline and Middle East Airline Ground Collision Occurrence”.

It read, “The Accident Investigation Bureau has been notified and has launched an investigation into a serious incident involving an Airbus A330-243 with a Middle East airline national registration number.” Includes OD-MEA and Boeing 777 operated with nationality and registration mark TC-LJC by Turkish Airlines, which landed on July 29, 2020 at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

“The Turkish cargo plane was parked at the international apron where the Middle East Airbus was taxing running into it. It broke the tail cone and damaged part of the right horizontal stabilizer of the Turkish aircraft.

“All passengers on the Middle East airline had to disembark without any injuries or deaths.”

The wing tip collision in Lagos airport is not new. In July 2015, an Emirates flight from Lagos to Dubai had to abort flight after wing contact with another plane parked on the runway.

In addition, two planes belonging to First Nation Airways were also involved in a wing tip collision at the airport. Remember also that another incident took place at Benin Airport in 2016 when a ground handling truck collided with an Air Peace aircraft, causing the aircraft to abort take off.

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