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Wordbreed Worship Service: How Chris Shalom Caught Vision Of Lockdown 4 Years Ago | Anticipate August Edition!

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Gospel music minister Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed Worship Group have been sanitizing the atmosphere with intense, inspiring and life changing worship, an essentially necessary move, especially in these times.

In the heat of the pandemic, Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed Worship Group rekindled the alter fire of the Worship Service that begun late 2017, following the release of the wavemaking and critically acclaimed single “My Beautifier.”

The aim is to fill every home and region with worship all around the world. It is a deliberate effort to break the barrier of limitations in reaching people across the globe with the beautiful art of worship, revealing Jesus to all and empowering them with the supernatural possibilities made available as a result.

Chris Shalom started nursing the idea years before the 2020 pandemic broke. The pandemic necessitated the need to reach people online, thereby making social media live videos a vital tool for congregating. But in 2017, as a follow-up to the release of “You are the Reason” album, Chris Shalom embarked on the “Worship in Every Place” series alongside the group Wordbreed.

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The series birthed the global sound “My Beautifier” and the preceding album. There were several episodes of the series, but gradually the name was modified to the “Wordbreed Worship Service.”

As the world was dealing with the 2020 pandemic and the global lockdown that followed, Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed Worship Group intensified on the vision of the Worship Service and lots of life changing songs and testimonies have poured in.

Today, many are taking to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube live video for worship, concerts and prayers, due to the necessity of congregating but God has given a man the vision to prepare people all over the world for such a time as this, 4 years before today!

Come 4th of August, the world will witness yet another episode of the Wordbreed Worship Service. Tagged “Christ the King,” it promises to be another inspiring and life transforming session. The venue is on Youtube (www.youtube.com/wordbreedtv) | 9pm GMT+1

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