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Bible News: In Our Shoes | By Alex Amos

Our Shoes Bible Study

In Our Shoes Bible Study by Alex Amos

For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. – Hebrews 4:15

Recently, I have been having nudges in my flesh to pick up the bible news and start to write again. It’s been a while that I actually wrote any episode of the bible news series but yes… here we go again!

The reason why Jesus Christ is able to be patient with us is because he became like us. God being God, not flesh would have found it impossible to understand the human experience except he can become part of  the experience.

The bible says, only the Spirit can receive the things of the Spirit, and only the flesh can receive the things of the flesh.

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Like I always  say; you cannot solve a problem you are alienated from.

Therefore for God  to be able to help the human race, God had to become man.

The reason why many people have empathy towards some particular people is because they can identify with what those people are dealing with. For  instance, someone who got delivered from the addiction will be more patient and understand  the drive  of a struggling Christian than someone  who hasn’t got the experience.

In the same way, Jesus became flesh, walked in our shoes and he is able to be patient with our sins, fears and anxiety, impulsiveness and many more. Because while He was on earth, He was complete man and had to depend  on the Holy Spirit too, just  like you and I.

Therefore, next time you are frustrated by that brother or sister who doesn’t seem to be getting “these spiritual things.” Just before you give up on him or her, remember Jesus was patient with you till you got it right, then extend  the same patience to your brother and sister.

Walk in their shoes, just like Jesus walked in our shoes.

In Our Shoes Bible study for today – July 13, 2020


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