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#SelahMusic: Wole Oni | Iwa Rere | Feat. Bois Olorun (@iamwoleoni)

wole oni Iwa Rere

New music by Ambassador Wole Oni IWA RERE (featuring Bois Olorun)

When the legendary Music Producer and hit Maker Ambassador Wole Oni decides to release a piece of his impeccable musical prowess, then his audience is in for an experience of a lifetime.

The new single “Iwa Rere,” featuring Bois Olorun, is a fusion, a hybrid of Jazz and Apala, garnished with African percussion, vintage traditional Jazz piano riffs, phrasing and comping rooted in upright acoustic bass, heavily ensembled with African Talking drums, with rich vocal ornamentation and harmonic Apala voice seasoning.

Just when you think you have heard it all, you are presented with a crossover of jazz acoustic drums resonating to the time signature of bebop while keeping up with the Fuji snare press roles. Wow! Creating an exotica ambiance of pads tinkling to make the music sail smoothly.

There have been diverse degrees of interruption into our normal order of life, people all over the world have had to deal with surprises, mostly, unpleasant.

To ease the tension, so that people can calm down, we have to intentionally show kindness to one another, to make it a culture via every means that is available to us, and to sensitize young people to diligence and hard work which has a better result than the get rich quick syndrome.

This music is for everyone who loves both Western and African music.

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Iwa Rere (Good Conduct)


Composed By Wole Oni and Bois Olorun

Arranged and produced by Wole Oni for WOMP Records.

Apala Voice Ensemble By Bois Olorun (Feranmi Biala).

CFX Concert Acoustic Grand Simulated On Yamaha Montage 8 by Wole Oni.

Upright Acoustic Bass Simulated on Yamaha Montage 8 by Wole Oni.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Acoustic Vintage Drums by Wole Oni.

Talking Drums and Omele tomtom by Kehinde Akintunde.

All percussions:

WOMP Recorded at Womp Studio Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

Mixed at Womp Studio Los Angeles, USA by WOMP.

Mastering and post audio by Multiple Grammy Award Winning Engineer Andrea Mayo


Photography: Klala Photo studio.

WOMP Management Crew: Debola Wole-Oni, Aanuoluwapo Okpah, Toluwanimi Oni and Tayo Shoga.

Wole Oni Appears Courtesy of Instinct Productions.

Website: iamwoleoni.com

Facebook: Woleonirebranded and woleonifanpage

Instagram | Twitter: @iamwoleoni

Wole Oni IWA RERE (Feat. Bois Olorun)

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