Home News & Events Nikki Laoye Recounts Escaping Fatal Car Accident Few Days To Christmas

Nikki Laoye Recounts Escaping Fatal Car Accident Few Days To Christmas

Nikki Laoye Escapes Car Accident Few Days To Christmas

Nikki Laoye escapes car accident few days to Christmas & 2 days after her 40th birthday

Gospel singer, media personality Nikki Laoye was delivered from what could have ended up as a fatal accident, for her, some few days to Christmas.

It was just 2 days after celebrating her 40th birthday. She was on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, few meters after 7Up bust-stop, when a commercial bus lost control and slammed into her car before summersaulting and landing on its side, all the while Nikki Laoye tried to gain mastery of her own vehicle in the situation.

Expressing her gratitude to God on her social media, the “123” singer who recently release a new single and video “None + You = Me” said:

“And God saved me from a terrible accident on Monday, 2 days after my birthday, on the Toll gate Expressway few meters after 7up.

“The bus was on the lane next to me and suddenly its tire burst. The driver lost control and skidded to my lane facing me and slammed right into my car, before it summersaulted and landed on its side, right in front of my car.

“I kept shouting “Jesus, Jesus” as it all happened, slamming my brakes at the same time, trying to avoid a bad collision with the bus and the bus finally landed in a ball of smoke with its petrol pouring everywhere.

“I sat frozen in shock and terror till I realised I needed to reverse and move away from the bus.

“Finally drove away from the bus as people ran to drag the driver and passengers out of the bus.

“Policemen who had seen the whole thing as it happened, came and told me to sit down and get myself together, while they thanked me for not speeding (as this could have worsened the situation) and they said “Madam, God is with You oo, You tried”

“With my whole body shaking, I sent video messages to my mum and family as I couldn’t move for the next 20 mins.

“I was on the phone with my sister @weirdmcofficial and she heard it all as I screamed. (Thank you sis for calming me down in the midst of it all)

“I finally came down to check on everyone in the bus.. Thank God, there were only few injuries and bruises, no fatalities.

“I wasn’t myself for the past 2 days and had panic attacks, replaying that horrific moment.

“But now I can talk about it and I just thank God for saving us all that day.

“No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper, We shall all see 2021 in great health and strength in Jesus name Amen.”

She stressed that everyone involved in the accident survived, except for few minor injuries and bruises. Thank God!

Nikki Laoye Escapes Car Accident few days to Christmas

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