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#SelahMusic: Sounds Of Salem | Your Throne Is Set | Feat. Prophet Joel Ogebe & Min. Oche Ogebe


In the realm of uplifting gospel music, the compelling Sounds of Salem have once again struck a harmonious chord with their latest release.

This awe-inspiring masterpiece brings together; Prophet Joel Ogebe and Min. Oche Ogebe, in the captivating song titled “Your Throne is Set.”

From the first note, listeners are enveloped by a melodious symphony that serves as a gentle reminder of the unfathomable power and majesty of God.

With their distinct vocal prowess and profound lyrical depth, Prophet Joel Ogebe and Min. Oche Ogebe effortlessly convey a message of devotion, praising the eternal reign of the Almighty’s heavenly throne.

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Each verse resonates with an unmistakable sense of reverential awe, inviting worshippers to experience a divine encounter through the enchanting melodies.

“Your Throne is Set” unveils a celestial soundscape, offering solace, inspiration, and a renewed spirit to all who seek solace in its enchanting embrace.

Produced by E’Keyz

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