SelahAfrik‘s Most Fashionable Female Gospel Artiste 2013 Ebele the Flutist seems to be joining the league of Nigeria’s foremost instrumentalists these days as she continues to blaze trails across the gospel music frontiers and beyond.

Ebele was featured in pan-Africa Magazine Boss Africa. The first issue of 2014 where she was quizzed about her unique ability and talent on the flute. She also took the readers on a journey of her background and her break into the music scene.

Boss Magazine said:

“We know Tee Mac the flutist, we also know Ara the female drummer with the talking drums, just when we were beginning to get bored, Ebele the flutist hit the scene with a BANG!

She is fresh, she is talented to the teeth, she romances the flute with flawless mastery and skills, tuning out sweet melodies that can mend a broken heart, no wonder king Saul hired David to play the harp, she was born to do this.”

Ebele the Flutist was first featured on SelahAfrik in 2013 when she debuted her songs “If You Don’t Know” and “Oghama” on the site. Eversince, we have been unable to take our eyes off her due to her unique ability, her futuristic sound and her fashion consciousness. She won the SelahAfrik Most Fashionable Female Gospel artist for the year 2013 by garnering the most popular votes. Apparently, it’s not only SelahAfrik that has detected wow-factor in Ebele as she keeps moving from TV, to radio and other media for appearances and interviews.

Get a copy of the latest edition of Boss Magazine for more details…

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Alex Amos

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