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Pastor Godman Akinlabi And Wife Cover gemWOMAN Magazine's New Issue!


01gemWOMAN/gemMAN magazine has just released its new edition featuring the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Elevation Church, Pastor Godman Akinlabi and his wife Bolarinwa on the cover. The edition which is the first issue of the magazine in 2015 focuses on inspiring everyone to embrace greatness while ensuring that they strive to make happiness a lifestyle.

01 (1)Pastor Godman and His wife spoke on many burning issues regarding ministry and how The Elevation Church started, parenting, purpose, sex, marriage and relationships.


“Churches must take more responsibility in social impact projects in sectors like health, education, infrastructural development, and making concerted efforts in alleviating poverty. The church needs to have a direct impact on physical needs while we speak about the spiritual needs, so that our message can be balanced.” – Godman

52“Be real! People will either like you or not but be real. Meaningful relationships are both a gift from God and a work of grace… There are middle walls of separation going up every day causing pain and hurt that we or our spouses can sometimes be oblivious to. They need to be broken down… “Don’t forget how much work God has done in you. If we remember God’s grace towards us, it is a little easier to love the people we meet every day.” – Bolarinwa

The magazine is also packed with tons of fantastic articles like:

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gemWOMAN/gemMAN magazines are available at newsstands, vendors, leading bookstores and supermarkets.


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