“Therefore, when they had come together, they asked him, ‘Lord, are you now restoring the kingdom to Israel?'”
– Acts 1:6

Photo Credit: Peopleint.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: Peopleint.wordpress.com

A lot of pastors and Christian leaders devote a lot of time meddling in the day’s politics. Yes, this is good so that we can make our leaders accountable and bring out the good in them. However, we should know where to draw the line because there is another prevailing system of government that rules the entire world. This is the same government laid on Jesus’ shoulder.

Even in the time of Jesus, there’s been political crisis. Israel was under the rule of the Romans and they sought freedom. When it was told that a Messiah will come and the government will be on His shoulder, a lot of people including the disciples expected Jesus to come and overthrow the Roman’s and give the Kingdom back to Israel.

Photo Credit: LogicalConclusion.net
Photo Credit: LogicalConclusion.net

Jesus came wielding much more power than mere man’s politics and His death on the cross was the final victory that liberated every nation irrespective of color, tribe or the politics as being practiced where you are.

It took the disciples sometime to realized this but when they did, even the government of the day became so scared of them that they were persecuted thinking that it would end there, but the deed has been done, Christ has died and risen, man is free!

There is a higher system of government. A different kind of democracy. It’s the type that gives real freedom and the price was paid with the death of Jesus on the cross. It is credible, it is practical and not merely on paper like we have in the world. You have a choice, you can focus on the world’s politics and how it affects you, be miserable about things that has not changed in the society or you can live by a different rule, a kind of democracy that truly liberates you… Put that on everything!

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Alex Amos

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