“…saying, ‘Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me. Nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.'”
-Luke 22:42

40921_123434581041386_18370_nNo one painted a better picture of the agony Christ dealt with (that I have seen) like the late Selwyn Hughes. In Everyday With Jesus: A Fresh Look At the Cross, under the Topic “The Coming of the Greeks,” Selwyn expounded on the Agony Christ bore when the Greek asked to see him. Jesus replied His hour has not come and immediately started talking about His death on the cross.

Why? Because it is in his death that the barrier that hindered Him from the gentiles will be broken and the Greek coming to see him brought the picture closer to him.

Some minutes (or hours) before Christ’s was arrested, He asked that if it was possible, the father should let the agony He was about to bare pass over him. Something in the Spirit of the God who became flesh must have fought the flesh in that instance because, though it was hard, He however was more willing to do the will of the Father than to take the easy route. Wow! I mean, He was going to go die but so that you and I can be reconciled to God, He didn’t think of His own interest, He thought of You and I and how much the Father loved us. (Lol… I digressing, don’t mind me… Every time I talk about His love, I’m always enraptured).

Most times we are always faced with situations and circumstances that God wants to use in order to shape us but most of us cannot just stand the agony. We go the easy route but the problem with the easy route is that it is not always easy. Take a look at the life of Jonah for instance. He wanted to take the easy route but ended up in more problems than he bargained for. Wouldn’t it have been easier if he had just gone to Nineveh? You get the drift?

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