Yesterday May 6, was my birthday!

Me, leading the HOEM Worshippers during Casual Sunday of the Victory Summit, May 2012

Many people here know me as Selah but my name is Alex Amos, a lost sheep that God brought home by all means necessary. I love music and my passion lies there. I used to be a secular artiste but God has turned that around and I’m about to take the message around the world in songs and words.

Yes, I intend to go to a bible college as well, and a day before my birthday, God prompted this again by giving me an opportunity to speak in a gathering. Whew! It was supersonic! God took all the glory and manifested His power.

That’s me hugging Rev. Dr. Larry Titus during Saturday session of the Victory Summit 2012

That’s by the way…

I had prepared mentally for May 6. You know, the Lord has been faithful to me and I just wanted to be in an attitude of gratitude, but just like the message I shared about “If God Painted the Portrait, Expect A Masterpiece,” devil started painting ugly portraits few days before May 6.

Like I always say, we are all in the process of learning and just because I am the one writing these posts, it does not, in no way leave me out of the learning process.

The ugly portraits showed up and it was time to practice what I have been preaching. Believe me it’s easier said than done but I was so determine to look the devil in the eyes and tell him, “you have failed again! Just like you failed with my master, Jesus”

Me, striking a pose for the camera, Casual Sunday 2012

Boy! I left a note of my gratitude on my social media statuses, I took it along, I listened to praise songs, I declared the word in praises to God. I was so grateful that I forgot about what was wrong, my heart burst into joy from within me. But like the fallen one had a last joker, he tried to frustrate my trip home so that I had to walk some “frustrating” distance to get home… On my birthday! I got pissed at that point and every fiber in me wanted to question God.

Then the Holy Spirit whispered, “don’t you think this is an opportunity to thank God some more as you walk this distance? You are probably going to say a short prayer and fall asleep when you get home.”

Boy! The praises and declaration started again. I tell you, the devil was put to shame and God took all the glory because he couldn’t even stay around for me to tell him he’d been defeated. (Laughing out Loud!!!)

That's my mentor and pastor, Rev Sam Rotimi Osoba and Rev. Dr. Larry Titus from U.S.A

That’s my mentor and pastor, Rev Sam Rotimi Osoba with Rev. Dr. Larry Titus (author of “Teleios Man”) from U.S.A

I want to say a big thank you for all the well wishes and prayers, believe me, I needed the love and prayers. God bless you all richly. Amen

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”
– Isaiah 26:3

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