RulerThe sea shore laid rough with uneven rock for meters. Legend has it that a volcano had erupted around here some 200 – 300 years ago. The tidal wave that splashed on the rock had helped made the edges smooth but one will still have to walk with caution or risk falling into the water.

Tim watched the little man in the canoe with amazement, he supported himself with the rock as he finds his footing making his way farther downhill to have a clear view of what the little man was doing.

The little man was measuring each fish he caught with a measuring tape and throwing the ones that surpasses his measurement back into the water.

“There must be some wisdom here,” Tim thought to himself, “Let me learn from this man.”

Haven watched him do the same thing over and over, Tim moved closer and called out to him.

“Hello there, I’ve been watching you for a while as you throw back the bigger fishes and keep the ones that fit your measurement, please I’ll will like to learn from your wealth of knowledge… What is the point to this thing you are doing?”

The little man in the boat laughed out loud beating his hands on his lap as he could not control his laughter, Tim looked on puzzled. When the little man was finally able to compose himself he said:

Ruler 2“You see my friend, there is no big knowledge in what you’ve been watching me do, the thing is, I’d measured my frying pan with this tape before coming out to fish so any fish that is longer than my measurement cannot fit into my frying pan so that’s why I keep throwing them back into the water.

Tim who was bewildered, couldn’t believe a man will throw away so much opportunity like he has seen this man do repeatedly, he asked sarcastically; “and all this while, nothing prompted you to keep the bigger fishes and sell them when you get home so that you can buy a bigger frying pan?” He shook his head and walked away.

“Using a dull ax requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed.”

– Ecclesiastes 10 [New Living Translation]

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