“So He Himself [Often] withdrew into the wilderness and prayed”
– Luke 5:16 [New King James Version]

Yay!!! It’s the first day of the month! I decree that you will walk in favor, mercy and the peace of God that passes all understanding this month, I pray that God will keep our spirit sober and tuned in, so that we can always be attentive to Him in Jesus name. Amen.

I know you go to church but do you have a place of prayer? How often do you go there?

There is the need for a place of prayer. Don’t get me wrong, you can pray anywhere, on the road, at work, while you are driving, anywhere at all because your body is a temple and God dwell in it.

Haven said this, there is a need for a place of meeting. Every office has a conference room, every committee has a place where they meet so also, we must learn to create a place where we meet with God personally.

We need this because we need to always sit down and go back to the drawing board by reading the scripture, meditating, hearing from God and speaking to Him. Now tell me, can this be done on the road, while working, while driving? Certainly not. Why? Because one cannot be tuned in while being distracted with other activities. This is why the moment you spend with the holy Spirit is called fellowship.

He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed

He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed

Another point I will also like to consider under this topic is the fact that, according to Luke 15, Jesus’ fame was beginning to spread because of the works He did and crowd where gathering to “hear and be healed” by Him. If we were in Jesus’ shoe, we could have been easily distracted but the truth is, even today, when things begin to become rosy, we sometimes get distracted and cut off the source. There is a need to keep the spirit sober, this also, is why we need a place of meeting with God. We need to keep going back to the drawing board and fuel the vision.

Someone said, “always remember the reason that brought you to God, then you will be able to keep the faith.” What better way to remember the reason you came to God than to withdraw yourself and spend quality time with Him daily? Afterall no relationship can last without communication.

Further Reading: Matthew 6:6, Psalm 91:1-2

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