Urban Music Magazine, HipHopWorld featured Gospel Rap artiste, Provabs in their latest edition. The article titled “the Genesis and Revelation of Provabs” chronicled the journey of the rapper so far in the gospel music scene.

Well, unlike the introduction by HipHopWorld’s Seun Johnson, this is religiously inclined. I just love when the lives of God’s minister is being celebrated.

Provabs talked about his challenges, his conviction, awards and also about his soon to be released 16-track “Mind the G.A.P” street edition album as a continuation to the pre-album.


Here is a an excerpt from the feature:

Naturally, from the genesis, his mom reminisces on how he formed song verses from the Bible and played around with the Psalms. It didn’t end there, he was privileged to be a member of the choir at the Assemblies of God Church, where he one time as a kid led the praise and worship in the “big church” as the adult congregation was fondly called within most Christians. “That was like a very big thing then, and this tiny 6 year old boy held the mic and was moving the whole crowd. I think from then, the love for music just started”, he recounts.

Over the years, it got more complex when he started growing and listening to the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, whom he’d fallen in love with; probably since at the time people weren’t really privileged to listen to Gospel music. “I was deep into those guys”, he continues. “Then, Kanye West came and changed the scene for me with “Jesus Walks”, and I’m like “this guy’s actually a Christian, OMG!” Then, he left us again. So, for me those were formative years and I really cherished the way people used words in such a very funny creative manner to bring out the feelings.”

In 1999, he took on the baton on this musical journey with encouragements from his late brother who always advised him to try his own stuff from all the great influences he had always listened to. Undeniably, his religious background significantly influenced his genre. He humorously described it saying, “My parents beat the fear of God into me. There were some things we just couldn’t do, but I grew older and I started getting personal with God by my own findings and I knew why this gift was actually given to me. For me, God gave me a gift and I’m giving him in return to His glory.”

That the journey to making good music and getting a formal education all at once is a challenge on its own would be mere-saying, as Provabs has consistently switched between being on and off the University scene to achieve some sort of equilibrium. He is presently in his fifth year studying Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, in the Lagos State University. Prior to this he’d attended Corona Nursery and Primary school, furthered to the Federal government college in Cross River and then back to Lagos where he initially enrolled in the Lagos State College of Education to study Building.

It wasn’t easy convincing his folks on his plans to joggle school and a career in music. First, his dad gave him hell. “He was like, nobody in his generation had ever done music, plus we were from Ondo State, and you know Ondo people with their love for education. Then secondly he said, “rap of all choices?” But, with time and after traveling a few times and doing great stuffs, he started getting impressed. Now, for the church, that wasn’t a friendly thing at all. It was a very hot ground and you had better be making sense. So what we used to do then was dress very responsibly, so that they’ll really first of all accept us, then if we’re given the chance to say what we came to say, and you now make points with what you came to say, then you’d begin to warm up to their hearts. Now, they beg to buy my CD’s so that they can restrict what their kids listen to a bit. If parents are doing this then I think I am doing something right’’, he stated with smirk on his face.

Like most Gospel artiste across the world, there are certain challenges they face that readily come to mind and Provabs shares these and more. “Well, first of all, I found out that to be able to settle this, it has to be more of an inner thing than an outside thing. I don’t want to get all churchy, but Jesus was not received by everybody”, he commented about public reception. “If you have that mindset then you’d know that you were sent to a few. So it’s not really about them receiving you, but about the quality of contents you’re putting out there. Are you doing what you really believe in? Are you giving the best of your belief? ‘Cos every man is being driven by his beliefs. And what platform are you using to pass across your beliefs?” he concluded.

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The much anticipated single from Provabs –  “Imela” is finally here! He features HenriSoul, Tim Godfrey and ace producer Okey Sokay on this one. You should also checkout the tune of life Kingdom titled “Imela” Remix.

Provabs’ lyrics are down to earth, witty and true as he shares his faith through a medium that is widely accepted. The name PROVABS means “(P)rovides (R)hymes (O)rganised in (V)erses to (A)ctivate (B)lessing(S)

Provabs also featured as a guest artist on the first season of the popular dance TV Show “Celebrity takes 2? in 2007.In May 2008, he featured on Hip TV’s MTN Next Best Thing,and also featured alongside Ige on “The Platform” and “The Return of the X” both powered by Convenant Christian Center. He has worked with the likes of  Roof Top MCs, Midnight crew, JC qrew, M.I, Infinity, Dekunle fuji and has performed on close to 300 platforms nationwide


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