“God replied to Solomon, “You have made the right choice. Instead of asking for wealth or treasure or fame or the death of your enemies or even for long life for yourself, you have asked for wisdom and knowledge so that you can rule my people, over whom I have made you king. “
– 2 Chronicles 1:11 [GNT]

I was saying in the last episode of this series that after Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings to the Lord, the Lord appeared to him because He was pleased with Him and told Solomon to ask what he wants the Lord to do for Him.

Most of us would have seen this as a open check and would have asked for material possession, ephemeral things which would have gone with the excitement.

God appearing to us to give us such a blank cheque, would have felt like the end of the journey, like “yes! I have attained success.” But Solomon recognised that success is a journey and with each success comes greater responsibility, therefore he armed himself with necessary tools for the journey ahead.

If he had not pleased God and succeeded with the 1000 burnt offerings, God may not have appeared to him to give him such blank cheque but after the first success, Solomon knew that it is the whole summation of a man’s life that actually amounts to success or failure, as long as a man lives, success is not final.

Therefore, Solomon asked for the principal — wisdom and knowledge and because he displayed such intelligence, God added everything else unto him.

If you are reading between the lines, I have highlighted some key points in this episode, however let me list them below.

  • First, Solomon delayed the gratification of the present success.
  • The reward for success, although may be followed by material benefits, actually surpasses fulfilment that can be touched.
  • Wisdom and Knowledge is as good as having money (as we can tell from the life of Solomon. He became so wealthy), but wisdom and knowledge is better because it will give you the latter — Ecclesiastes 7:12
  • – Written by Alex Amos

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