Bukola Folayan, popularly known by her stage name, Bouqui who just turned up New Jersey according to her as she is fast approaching the final leg of her USA Tour was featured on Saturday’s Issue of Leadership Newspaper following the release of her Double CD albumbouqui. Bouqui categorically stated that she does not do music for fame, a statement evident in her consistency over the years. In this exclusive interview with Anthony Ada Abraham recently, in Abuja, she bares her mind on sundry issues

She confessed that it is good to know that people say nice things about her songs and consider her to be a contemporary artiste, because of the prominence of the Hip-hop style in her songs.

“I love it! When you are known for something you love to do and want to be known for, that is the best. I love it. Also, I am an unrepentant, unapologetic, uncompromising ‘Christaholic,’ a Jesus freak. I want people to know that and I am not apologising for that. I represent Christ. I am not reducing the quality of videos I do, because my music is on point; this, the Bible calls the spirit of excellence. So, we exude that in whatever we do. If they call me Christian, identifying me with Christ, it is the most beautiful thing, and that is what I set out to do and what I am doing.”

Motivated by her brother to go into music, Bouqui, who was raised within the academic atmosphere of the Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife), believes that her environment is largely responsible for moulding her deep lyrical style and cosmopolitan outlook. Formerly a broadcaster at Eko FM, Lagos, Bouqui started her professional career with an all-girl group called ‘G-Vibes’ several years ago, before going solo and changing her focus and style to suit urban contemporary Nigeria and still deliver in terms of message and emotion.

Since she evolved 15 years ago, she has been weathering the weather. “It has been beautiful, all through. After two albums, my third is on the way. We just finished recording for that and I will be going back to the studio shortly. I just had to be part of this tour.”

This third album, which will be a double-disc release, will make-up for last year. Though the anticipated album has 24 tracks, a couple of singles from it have been already released and they have been enjoying some good air-play.

The singer had a good time last year, carting away several awards – home and abroad – including the ‘Best Female Act’ and ‘Best Gospel Act’ at the Nigerian Gospel Music Award and Nigerian Music Video Award best mainstream video with her song Take You Away. So far, 2013 has been a very fruitful year, as well.

But Bouqui, for all her boldness, draws the line between gospel and circular music.

“Well, there is no comparison, because success is achieving what you set out to achieve. We set out to touch lives and help people turn away from the wrong path they are on, to bring them into the kingdom of light. So, if we get that done, we are successful. On the other side, while they think success has to do with how many cars you have gotten and how many girls you can get, our objective is different; that is not what we are doing. We are trying to get people to change from the bad to the good, so there is no comparison. We are people of different minds, interests and goals.”

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