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Poetic: Sera's Blessing – Thank God For The Breakup!


Not long ago you were despised refuse—
out-of-the-way, unvisited, ignored.
But now I’ve put you on your feet,
towering and grand forever, a joy to look at!” Isaiah 60:15

Photo: Siatic

The story is told of a certain Sera. Whether in this region or overseas, I do not know

She came home to her mother sobbing. Her relationship just hit the low

‘All things work together for our good my child’

Mother quoted the ancient word

But how can she see with all that teary eyes

The future seems blurry; just like her teary eyes

It hurts when the people who claim to love you

Suddenly wake up, Take a hike and you are left without a clue

But sometimes God deal with us like syringe

You feel the sting before relief

God most times take away what we want

Only to give us what we need

See Sera had fell in love with a man

More covetous than Elijah’s servant

Scratch that…

He was more covetous than Judas before the kiss

Five years down the line…

He was arrested for fraud and other criminal charges

The judge gave him Twenty five

Five years ago…

Sera thought they will be married by now

Holding her first child while she carry the second in her womb

Oh what trauma she would have had to face today

To explain to her children that their dad is in jail

Thank God he broke it off on that faithful day


“Never force a relationship to be. Don’t ever be disillusioned that you can help someone be better just because you want to be with him/her. Sometimes, God breaks off our relationships to help us escape satan’s snare.”


– By Alex Amos

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