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“You Can’t ‘Hotline Bling’ God” – Kirk Franklin Alludes To Drake’s Song


kirk 2American Gospel artiste Kirk Franklin who recently released his new album “Loosing my Religion” has alluded to Drake‘s single “Hotline Bling” during an interview to talk about men’s relationship with God.

He said during the interview with HipHollywood.com;

“We can’t Santa Clause God. We can’t hotline bling God… God’s not a spare tire that you pull out when you’re in trouble. If you rock with God, you rock with God, if you don’t rock with God when you need God, you can’t expect for there to be a genie in a bottle fix my problems instead of fixing your life. God loves us too much to just want to be the booty call type of response.”

Franklin further said people need to do more than just seek God in tragedies like the mass shooting referring to San Bernardino, California shooting.

Kirk Franklin is keen on making people’s relationship with God better and his 11th studio album “Losing my Religion” is one of the product of that desire.




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