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Video: “Daddy Don’t Cry” – Elo Ogidi Tells Father While Praying With Pastor Chris


Elo Ogidi who has since been reunited with her parents, music producer A4Jeazy and Gospel singer Ritasoul, met with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on Sunday.

The emotional parents listened to the man of God and prayed with him while the ever-jolly Elo was wrapped in Pastor Chris embrace.

“Most of the time when children are stolen, they never find them,” Pastor Chris said to the parents. “So this is a wonderful news. Thank you for putting the word to work… for giving many an inspiring example,” he concluded, thanking the parents while referring to the defiant faith they showed in the face of the trial – the almost 3-month period when the child was missing.

As Pastor Chris prayed with them showing gratitude to God, Elo knelt down and prayed as well.

“Daddy don’t cry,” she said to her teary father who apparently could not contain the gratitude to God.

Watch video now:

Elo Ogidi who went missing after she was abducted at Christ Embassy in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State, during a church service she attended in company with her parents and their housemaid on Sunday, July 8, 2018, was found at an orphanage in Benin, Edo state.

According to her father, somebody had identified her at an orphanage and informed him. The police was alerted and she was found at the orphanage on Friday evening.

The search for Elo Ogidi reached an all-time high after Inspirational singer, Nikki Laoye, shared a post on social media and got notable figures to repost the picture and information.

A4Jeazy, family, friends and members of Christ Embassy did not relent in their daily prayers and fellowship till the girl’s return.


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