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Notable Nigerians Angered By Bishop Oyedepo’s “Dangerously Wealthy” Statement At Shiloh 2018


Reno Omokri & others react to Bishop Oyedepo Dangerously wealthy statement at Shiloh 2018

Bishop Oyedepo Dangerously Wealthy

During the opening session of the Living Faith Church Worldwide’s Shiloh 2018, founder, Bishop Oyedepo said he is “dangerously wealthy” and the statement has become a case for controversial debate online.

During the opening session of the annual gathering of Winners Chapel at Otta, Ogun state, Bishop David Oyedepo said God has blessed him because his conscience is clear and he does not receive any booty from government.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” Oyedepo said.

Somehow, when people hear wealth, the mind is restricted to only finance. Although Bishop Oyedepo was clear in his statement about wealth, Nigerians have taken turns to react to the Bishop’s statement.

Reacting on Twitter, Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan said he is saddened by the man of God’s boast of “riches.”

“It saddens me when pastors boasts about how rich they are. Riches are an illusion. Once you boast about money, you no longer own the money. The money owns you. ‘Let the one who boast about this; that they have the understanding to know me, that i am the Lord’ – Jer 9:24”

Reacting to Omokri’s statement, a certain Tamara Petty said:

“Oga, goan watch the video very well and understand what he meant. Yes he’s rich, so what?? Can u work for God and still be poor??”

Also reacting on Twitter, OAP Freeze asked how the Bishop could claim to be “dangerously rich,” preaching about God in a country “dangerously poor.”

“How can a man who claims he is from God brag like this? If people stopped giving him their money his bragging will end, but the problem is they can never stop giving him out of the little they have.”

Apparently, Bishop Oyedepo was defending the claim that he collected money from one party at the detriment of the other. He made it clear that he was “blessed” and did not need the influence of the government to meet his needs.

Seun Kiri, son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti also reacted, and like the others limited the scope to money.

“You can be ‘dangerously rich’ doesn’t mean you can buy enough knowledge to understand satire,” he said

Continuing his statement as the opening session of Shiloh 2018, Bishop Oyedepo further told those he referred to as “political gladiators” to be aware that a time would come when authority will be domiciled in the church.

“Authority shall be domiciled in the church in the last days and if anybody is angry, it does not matter. Let all political gladiators hear this, if the church says no, you are going nowhere,” he said.

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