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Rev. Esther Ajayi Calls Nigerians Who Secretly Go To White Garment Churches Hypocrites!

Esther Ajayi

Reverend Esther Ajayi of Love of Christ C&S church has called most Nigerians hypocrites.

In a recent interview, Rev. Esther who is also known as Iya Adura revealed that many Nigerians come to her in secret seeking special prayers and when they receive miracles, they go to other churches because they don’t want to be publicly associated with the white garment church.

While speaking on Your View on TVC, the Iya Adura expressed disappointment in such people and called them hypocrites. For a long time, Iya Adura has been known as a strong believer of Christ and has used her position and faith to bless many people across the country.

She said many people who wouldn’t want their names mentioned come to her in the dead of the night for prayers, then after answers to their prayers, dissociate themselves from her in the public. She said her love for God has helped in growing the celestial church and hearing that some people would rather not be associated with the church in public after getting their prayers answered in it is rather disappointing.

She registered that she has nothing against the body of Christ but many who agrees with the stigmatization of white garment church are hypocrites!


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